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Inspired by the sea, the valleys, and the fruit and vegetables grown in our gardens, our Chefs invent colourful, pictorial dishes that play with traditional tastes and Mediterranean cuisine. Our philosophy is to highlight fresh ingredients and let the flavors pop in each dish. Light and healthy dishes that awaken all your senses.

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Thalassa Gourmet Restaurant

Welcome to our seafront gourmet restaurant Thalassa, ‘Θάλασσα’ (Thalassa) in Greek means ‘Sea’. In Greek Mythology, ‘Thalassa’ was the daughter of ‘Gaea’ Earth and sister of ‘Ouranos’ Sky. She was the gaiety of the salty water and considered its protector. The restaurant focuses on cooking fresh seafood to be enjoyed overlooking the Aegean Sea (Thalassa).

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Asia Asian Fusion Gourmet

Discover a vibrant range of pan-Asian dishes, presented in innovative style. From fresh sushi, to immune boosting Chinese soups, our Gourmet restaurant Asia brings in the perfect combination of familiar dishes prepared to perfection with native ingredients from Rhodes.

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Prestigio à la carte Restaurant

‘Prestigio’ poolside a la carte restaurant in Italian directly translates to “prestige”, named after the hotel itself. ‘Prestigio’ expressing the restaurant’s dedication to offering familiar Italian tastes with a sense of prestige and emphasis on local ingredients

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Lachania à la carte Restaurant

Situation right by the pool “Lachania” Greek Restaurant takes its name from the small village of Lachania, which lies on the southeast coast of Rhodes, only a few minutes away from Atrium Prestige. It was named “Lachania” because of the many crops that are produced on its fertile land. “Lachania” has always been agricultural, with rich flora and fauna inspiring our al fresco Greek restaurant serving fresh local produce.

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Grill Corner à la carte Restaurant

“Grill Corner” showcases the art of Grilling, an integral part of Greek tradition and culture. Yoghurt and barbecue go hand in hand when enjoying Greek-style BBQ grilled meats. From souvlaki, to lamb chops, gyros and vegetables on the grill…The restaurant focuses on extra virgin olive oil, garlic, lemon, thyme, rosemary, coriander, and plenty of cumin.

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Aegean Main Restaurant

Enjoy a glass of wine watching the sun setting down in the 180 open terrace. Discover local and international flavours through different thematic nights at Aegean All-Day restaurant. Absorb the calm of the outdoors with spectacular views of the horizon.


Discover our quartet of distinctive bars, each exuding its own captivating charm. At the forefront is the ‘Kalithea’ Main Bar, a haven for refined evenings where live music graces the atmosphere, allowing guests to luxuriate in meticulously crafted cocktails within an elegant and serene ambiance. If you seek a refreshing respite, the ‘H₂O’ Pool Bar beckons, where you can relish tropical libations beside the shimmering waters. The ‘Akteon’ Beach Bar, nestled along the shoreline, offers a serene escape accompanied by the gentle lull of waves—a perfect sanctuary to unwind with a cocktail in hand, surrendering to the allure of the seaside paradise’s natural beauty.

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Kalithea Main Bar
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H₂O Pool Bar
Atrium Prestige_Beach Bar.
Akteon Beach Bar
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Platinum_Pool Restaurants
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