Preserving our Island, our Home.

Sustainability Practices


Within the Atrium Hotels family, we are committed to following the principles set by the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism (GCET) which cover the economic, social, cultural and environmental components of travel and tourism. The GCET is a road map for tourism development based on the belief that tourism can make a meaningful contribution to people’s lives and our planet.

With this commitment in mind, we have implemented a set of actions to minimize our environmental impact and footprint, to support and promote the local products and community and to help those in need via our corporate social responsibility program.


100% Green Energy

A 100% of our energy needs is produced by Renewable Energy Sources (RES). In addition, in response to the pressing challenge of climate change and its dire repercussions, we have undertaken significant initiatives across all facets of our hotel operations to curtail electricity consumption and diminish our environmental impact.

Water Use Management

Water is undeniably the most precious yet vulnerable resource, particularly in regions such as the Mediterranean islands. We acknowledge the necessity of safeguarding our water sufficiency and quality, and, to this end, we have put in place rigorous measures to minimize the consumption and wastage of clean water across all conceivable domains.

Waste Management

Earth’s resources are finite, underscoring the significance of implementing a cyclical system of reuse and recycling wherever feasible in order to optimize resource utilization and reduce waste generation. Equally vital is the rigorous supervision of all substances and chemicals to prevent harm to the broader environment.

What we do

At Atrium Hotels & Resorts, we are deeply committed to reducing energy consumption and environmental impact. Our proactive efforts encompass a range of initiatives designed to enhance sustainability and conserve resources. From efficient lighting solutions and smart energy controls to renewable energy sources, we have implemented strategies that not only reduce our carbon footprint but also enhance the overall guest experience.

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Lighting & electricity

We prioritize sustainability with energy-efficient LED lighting in over 80% of our guest and public rooms, keycard-controlled electricity in guest rooms, 100% renewable electricity thanks to strategic investments, and solar thermal collectors for hot water heating, all contributing to a greener future.

Sustainable facilities

As part of our dedication to eco-friendly practices, we maintain a consistent temperature of 26 degrees Celsius in common areas, capitalize on abundant natural lighting, and ensure energy efficiency with double-glazed windows and enhanced insulation for roofs and walls across all our properties.

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Eco-friendly transportation

Atrium Group is dedicated to eco-conscious hospitality, offering various environmentally friendly transportation options. Our properties feature electric car charging stations, and we partner with a company providing electric cars for airport transfers and rentals. Additionally, we promote green mobility through bicycle rentals in collaboration with external organizations.

Zero-Plastic by 2025

We’ve reduced plastic use by 80% in the past two years, aiming to be Zero-Plastic by 2025. Our approach includes replacing single-use plastic with refillable dispensers for guest convenience and eco-friendliness. We’ve eliminated single-use plastic soda bottles, straws, and stirrers, promoting responsible consumption across our properties. Guests can also use reusable cups for environmentally conscious beverage enjoyment.

Recycling & Waste Management

Our properties embrace comprehensive recycling plans for glass, paper, plastic, and organic waste, reducing our environmental impact. We also recycle small electrical appliances, light bulbs, batteries, printer toners, frying oil, and coffee capsules. In personal care, we provide products free from animal testing and micro-plastics, and we set targets to reduce food waste across our properties.

Water Management

All our properties exclusively employ water-efficient dual flush toilets, operate laundry facilities efficiently, and treat wastewater for plant and garden watering in Atrium Prestige and Atrium Palace. We also use water-efficient showers and minimize water wastage in our swimming pool operations. Our dedication to responsible water use is integral to the Atrium Group experience.

Biodiversity & Ecosystem

At each property, green spaces like biodiversity gardens and atriums incorporate native plants to support local wildlife and reduce water and maintenance needs. Additionally, low environmental acoustic burden electric machines are used for grass cutting and garden maintenance, while each property maintains its herb garden to contribute ingredients to restaurant meals.

Local community support

Atrium Group is dedicated to supporting local communities and promoting Rhodes island. We actively engage with local communities, fostering positive relationships, and collaborating on various initiatives. This includes sourcing local products for our restaurants, partnering with neighboring businesses, and participating in community events. We also work hand-in-hand with local organizations to showcase the unique attractions and culture of our destination, enriching the experiences of our guests.

Eco-education & Awareness

We provide ongoing environmental training to employees, empowering them to actively promote sustainable practices, and extend our commitment to environmental education by conducting annual actions and training in primary schools, focusing on environmental protection, food waste, and recycling.

Beach cleaning & reforestation

At Atrium Palace & Atrium Prestige, our devoted staff undertakes daily beach cleaning to safeguard against seawater contamination, while we also conduct annual seabed cleaning on World Ocean’s Day. Furthermore, as part of our commitment to environmental conservation, Atrium Hotels and Resorts have taken responsibility for a portion of a fire-affected forest area, actively engaging in reforestation efforts.

Local charities & community events

At Atrium Group, our commitment to local communities goes beyond words to meaningful actions. We actively engage in supporting local charities and community events, standing with our neighbors in their endeavors. Furthermore, we extend our support to local animal welfare organizations and environmental clubs, contributing to the well-being of our environment and the creatures that inhabit it.

Local Production Support

We place a strong emphasis on sourcing fresh, locally-produced ingredients. We take pride in forming collaborative partnerships with neighboring businesses, which not only allows us to provide our guests with the highest quality, locally-sourced products but also supports our local community.

Social Responsibility

We are dedicated to making a positive impact in our community through various initiatives. This includes our support for the Municipal Grocery-Store, ensuring that people of very low income have access to all the necessary provisions. We also contribute to the valuable work of the Red Cross by making regular donations. Furthermore, we proudly support the lottery organized by ELEPAP, a non-profit charity organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of disabled children.

Our guests become locals

We offer our guests a holistic experience by providing tours and activities organized by local guides and businesses, ensuring they are well-informed about local ecosystems, heritage, and culture. Moreover, guests can actively participate in activities dedicated to improving the local environment. As part of our commitment to promoting local culture and responsible practices, we also implement cooking classes in all our hotels, focusing on local recipes, the Mediterranean diet, and the responsible use of natural materials.

We have forgotten how to be good guests, how to walk lightly on the earth as its other creatures do.

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Awards & Recognitions

Our dedication to sustainability is exemplified through our prestigious achievements. Our properties have adopted an environmental management system and received certification from FEE’s Green Key program. Atrium Palace and Atrium Prestige proudly possess Blue Flag certification, symbolizing our commitment to seawater quality. Additionally, all our resorts have earned numerous quality and sustainability awards, including TUI’s Umwelt Champion Award, emphasizing our unwavering commitment to excellence in every facet of our operations.

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