Restaurants & Bars Collection

Our array of Restaurants & Bars is a delightful orchestra of flavors, an artistic canvas for culinary creativity, and a warm invitation to savor the moment. Embark on a gastronomic voyage that knows no boundaries, seamlessly fusing traditional and innovative approaches. Comprising two gourmet dining venues, two à la carte poolside restaurants, and a central main restaurant, our culinary options encompass a global palate, featuring Greek, Mediterranean, Asian, and Italian cuisines. The lively atmosphere and flawless service at Atrium Platinum come together to craft a dining experience that resonates in memory long after the last bite is savored.

Atrium Platinum_profyra
Porfyra Gourmet Restaurant

Echoing the vibrancy of ancient Greek dyes, our rooftop restaurant invites you on a culinary odyssey, blending the rich tapestry of Greek cuisine with global inspirations. Choose from a diverse à la carte menu or indulge in our themed culinary events, promising a dining experience that matches the awe-inspiring views.

Atrium Platinum_Koi_2
Koi Asian Fusion Gourmet

Step into a culinary adventure and submerge yourself in the captivating mastery of Asian Fusion cuisine at our À la carte Restaurant, ‘Koi’. Here, we welcome you to relish an extraordinary amalgamation of tastes, a harmony of scents, and a vivid spectrum of hues that effortlessly blend the intricate and varied culinary traditions of the East.

Atrium Platinum_Pool Restaurant_8
Elia à la carte Restaurant

Drawing its name from the Greek word for “olive,” Elia restaurant extends a warm invitation to indulge in the most exquisite recipes of Greek cuisine, meticulously crafted with the freshest locally sourced ingredients.

Pool Restaurants
Tramonto à la carte Restaurant

Situated beside the main pool, our Italian à la carte restaurant, “Tramonto,” beckons guests to savor a dining experience that stands apart. Our menu is a tribute to the finest in Italian culinary traditions, presented with the unwavering commitment to impeccable service and meticulous attention to detail that our patrons have grown to anticipate and appreciate.

Atrium Platinum_Main Restaurant_1
Archipelagos Main Restaurant

The chic ambiance and stylish design compliment the refined flavors served at Atrium Platinums hotel’s main restaurant. Guests are welcome to enjoy a mouthwatering buffet breakfast, an appetizing lunch and dinner while taking in the stunning views from the floor to ceiling windows. Prepare your palates for a great selection of delectable meals, thematic dinners and gourmet inspirations at this exceptional restaurant in Rhodes. Don’t miss our theme nights, where you can enjoy complimentary aperitifs in a vibrant atmosphere. Our themes include Greek, Italian, Mexican, Asian, and International cuisines, adding an exciting culinary dimension to your stay.


Explore our three bars, each presenting a distinctive allure and experience. The Main Bar ‘Chromata’ takes center stage, creating an atmosphere of sophistication for evenings filled with live music and mesmerizing sea views. If you’re inclined to cool off with a refreshing swim, our Pool Bars ‘Rotonda’ and ‘Fresco’, offering expertly crafted cocktails and delectable snacks. These poolside havens foster a vibrant and convivial atmosphere, perfect for basking in the warm sun and socializing with fellow travelers.

Chromata Main Bar
Atrium Platinum_Rotonda pool bar_1
Rotonda Pool Bar
Atrium Platinum Pool
Fresco Pool Bar
Atrium Prestige_Thalassa-Restaurant-6
Atrium Palace_Pool Bar_3
Atrium Place_Asterias_13
Atrium Prestige_Asia Restaurant
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Our guests on Premium All-Inclusive can enjoy their exclusive Atrium benefits at any of our resorts. Dining in our abundant collection of Restaurants and Bars of our 3 Atrium resorts while being able to use all facilities and services including pools, beaches and Spas free of charge, the unlimited choice on display at Atrium Hotels & Resorts is sure to make our guests’ stays unforgettable.

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Premium All-Inclusive

Indulge in the pinnacle of luxury with our Premium All-Inclusive package. Elevate your experience to new heights as every desire is effortlessly catered to. Unwind and explore without limits, knowing that every element of your vacation has been curated to exceed your expectations. Embrace the extraordinary and redefine your notion of a perfect getaway with our unparalleled Premium All-Inclusive package.