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Porfyra Gourmet Restaurant

Elegant dining, enhanced by stunning sunsets

Porfyra Gourmet Restaurant

Atrium Platinum
Rhodes City & Medieval Town
Mediterranean Cousine

Echoing the vibrancy of ancient Greek dyes, our rooftop restaurant invites you on a culinary odyssey, blending the rich tapestry of Greek cuisine with global inspirations. Choose from a diverse à la carte menu or indulge in our themed culinary events, promising a dining experience that matches the awe-inspiring views.

Dinner 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Lobster Night with Live Music Every Thursday 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Our Chef

Fine Dining is an art that nourishes the spirit, fosters connections, and elevates life’s most precious occasions.

Angelos Moutafidis
Sous Chef
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Signature Dish
Smoked Trout Mousse

A silky blend of cream cheese and smoked trout, elegantly adorned with a glaze of beetroot and raspberry, offering a harmonious marriage of savory and sweet flavors.

Featured Dining
Lobster Night

Join us for the ultimate culinary experience every Thursday at Porfyra Gourmet À la Carte Restaurant for our exclusive Lobster Night. Set against the backdrop of live music, this enchanting evening promises an indulgence of exquisite seafood dishes that will delight your senses.


All our valued guests with a PAI Board can savor the Lobster Night menu with a generous 20% reduction. Reservations required at least 1 day in advance and are subject to availability. Don’t miss this weekly rendezvous with culinary excellence and music, at Porfyra Gourmet.

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