Authentic Philoxenia

Authentic Philoxenia


Welcome to the new era of Atrium Hotels & Resorts, a renowned family owned and operated brand, embodying the spirit of authentic Greek hospitality. The love of creating memorable experiences stems from our zest for life and our passion to inspire every guest with the feeling of belonging in our extended family.


Our new motto Authentic Philoxenia, encapsulates the virtues of authenticity in human connection and hospitality that comes from the heart.


The Ancient Greek word Philoxenia, derived from Philo (φίλος – friend) and Xenos (ξένος – stranger), is the philosophy of sharing your heart with people and welcoming them into your home and local culture with unconditional warmth.


Atrium hospitality goes far beyond luxurious amenities. For us, it’s about making every guest feel welcome and genuinely cared for. Our People embody Authentic Philoxenia, generously sharing their art in every moment.


Let us welcome you in Atrium and experience first-hand our Authentic Philoxenia.