Green Key Award

Green Key has recognized Atrium Hotels’ accomplishments in environmental responsibilities and awarded us for our green practices.

The Atrium Hotels do not only have a great duty of satisfying guest but also of contributing in environment’s protection. After a check of different operation aspects we were able to earn a Green Key award for our environmental practices.

This is an excellence award for responsibility and sustainable operation within the hospitality and tourism industry. It is a trophy of commitment that represents and rewards businesses that fill the Foundation’s for Environmental Education strict criteria. It appears as a promise to the world and especially to visitors that by choosing to stay in our facilities they are contributing to making a difference on environmental level.

Documentations and frequent audits supported the statistical data results that showed an environmental friendly Atrium Hotels business that respects the nature’s heritage. For example proves a high percentage of water and food savings.

It is a great honor to receive this prize and be appreciated for our continued commitment to the environment.