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Discover our diverse range of à la carte restaurants and bars across three prominent locations on the island of Rhodes. Explore the possibilities of your board and combine an excursion with a sumptuous meal at any Atrium resort.

Exclusive Restaurants & Bars

Inspired by the sea, the valleys, and the fruit and vegetables grown in our gardens, our Chefs invent colourful, pictorial dishes that play with traditional tastes and Mediterranean cuisine. Our philosophy is to highlight fresh ingredients and let the flavors pop in each dish. Taste light and healthy dishes that will awaken all your senses.

Atrium Prestige_Asia Restaurant
Asia Asian Fusion Gourmet

Discover a vibrant range of pan-Asian dishes, presented in innovative style. From fresh sushi, to immune boosting Chinese soups, our Gourmet restaurant Asia brings in the perfect combination of familiar dishes prepared to perfection with native ingredients from Rhodes.

Atrium Palace_Asterias Restaurant_20-min
Asterias Gourmet Restaurant

Asterias Gourmet à la Carte Restaurant right by the Beach. ‘Αστερίας’ (Asterias) in Greek means ‘starfish’ and ‘Αστέρια’ (Asteria) means ‘stars’. The word ‘Asterias’ has same root as the stars of the Sky. Asterias (starfish) can only be found in clean waters and is the symbol of the crystal Sea, the Beach & the Summer. Thus, our restaurant’s focus is on serving Seafood with five Star service under the Stars.

Atrium Platinum_Pool Restaurant_8
Elia à la carte Restaurant

Drawing its name from the Greek word for “olive,” Elia restaurant extends a warm invitation to indulge in the most exquisite recipes of Greek cuisine, meticulously crafted with the freshest locally sourced ingredients.

Atrium Prestige_Grill Corner_2
Grill Corner à la carte Restaurant

“Grill Corner” showcases the art of Grilling, an integral part of Greek tradition and culture. Yoghurt and barbecue go hand in hand when enjoying Greek-style BBQ grilled meats. From souvlaki, to lamb chops, gyros and vegetables on the grill…The restaurant focuses on extra virgin olive oil, garlic, lemon, thyme, rosemary, coriander, and plenty of cumin.

Atrium Palace_IL GUSTO_4
Il Gusto à la carte Restaurant

Nestled amidst the tranquil beauty of our resort’s main pool and waterfalls, our new Italian à la carte restaurant “Il Gusto” offers Italian dishes with an island flair. “il Gusto” in Italian directly translates to “taste”, expressing the restaurant’s dedication to creating a culinary experience always with a sense of taste.

Atrium Platinum_Koi_2
Koi Asian Fusion Gourmet

Step into a culinary adventure and submerge yourself in the captivating mastery of Asian Fusion cuisine at our À la carte Restaurant, ‘Koi’. Here, we welcome you to relish an extraordinary amalgamation of tastes, a harmony of scents, and a vivid spectrum of hues that effortlessly blend the intricate and varied culinary traditions of the East.

Atrium Prestige_Pool restaurant_1
Lachania à la carte Restaurant

Situation right by the pool “Lachania” Greek Restaurant takes its name from the small village of Lachania, which lies on the southeast coast of Rhodes, only a few minutes away from Atrium Prestige. It was named “Lachania” because of the many crops that are produced on its fertile land. “Lachania” has always been agricultural, with rich flora and fauna inspiring our al fresco Greek restaurant serving fresh local produce.

Atrium Palace_Mesogeos_3
Mesogeos à la carte Restaurant

Mesogeos à la carte Restaurant, offers traditional Greek dishes, based on fresh local produce and creative twists on all time classics. Enjoy Greek favorites by the poolside and raise a toast with ‘Yamas!’ (Cheers!).

Atrium Platinum_profyra
Porfyra Gourmet Restaurant

Echoing the vibrancy of ancient Greek dyes, our rooftop restaurant invites you on a culinary odyssey, blending the rich tapestry of Greek cuisine with global inspirations. Choose from a diverse à la carte menu or indulge in our themed culinary events, promising a dining experience that matches the awe-inspiring views.

Atrium Prestige_Pool restaurant_17
Prestigio à la carte Restaurant

‘Prestigio’ poolside a la carte restaurant in Italian directly translates to “prestige”, named after the hotel itself. ‘Prestigio’ expressing the restaurant’s dedication to offering familiar Italian tastes with a sense of prestige and emphasis on local ingredients

Atrium Prestige_Thalassa-Restaurant-6
Thalassa Gourmet Restaurant

Welcome to our seafront gourmet restaurant Thalassa, ‘Θάλασσα’ (Thalassa) in Greek means ‘Sea’. In Greek Mythology, ‘Thalassa’ was the daughter of ‘Gaea’ Earth and sister of ‘Ouranos’ Sky. She was the gaiety of the salty water and considered its protector. The restaurant focuses on cooking fresh seafood to be enjoyed overlooking the Aegean Sea (Thalassa).

Pool Restaurants
Tramonto à la carte Restaurant

Situated beside the main pool, our Italian à la carte restaurant, “Tramonto,” beckons guests to savor a dining experience that stands apart. Our menu is a tribute to the finest in Italian culinary traditions, presented with the unwavering commitment to impeccable service and meticulous attention to detail that our patrons have grown to anticipate and appreciate.

Zen Asian Fusion Gourmet

Embark on a culinary journey and immerse yourself in the captivating artistry of Asian Fusion cuisine at our brand-new À la carte Restaurant, “Zen”. Here, we invite you to savor an extraordinary fusion of flavors, a symphony of aromas, and a vibrant palette of colors that seamlessly weave together the rich and diverse culinary tapestry of the East.

Atrium Prestige_Beach Bar.
Akteon Beach Bar

Enjoy fresh greek yogurt and ice cream coffee without ever leaving your lounge chair. Right on the resort’s private beach, Akteon offers a summer menu ranging from refreshing cocktails and cold beverages to tortillas, salads and baguettes.

Atrium Palace_Amphibion_9
Amphibian Pool Bar

The pool bar Amphibian refreshes our guests during their relaxation and sunbathing hours around the split-level swimming pool area, serving beverages and snacks. With a luxurious swim-up bar guests do not even have to leave the cool waters to enjoy their drinks. Join the animation activities that take place around the pool area. Complimentary pool towels are provided.

Chromata Main Bar

Inspired by the hues of the sunset, the natural surroundings and the endless sea, the Chromata Bar, meaning colors in the Greek language, offers a lively and chilled setting for all day lounging. Guests can pause their day, sipping a drink at this enchanting lobby bar and socialize with friends while gazing at the miraculous views of the sea and sunset. 

Atrium Platinum Pool
Fresco Pool Bar

Amidst the sun-soaked splendor of our poolside haven, Fresco pool bar awaits to quench your thirst and delight your taste buds. With an enticing array of handcrafted cocktails and delectable snacks, it provides the perfect blend of relaxation and refreshment for those basking in the poolside fun. Sip on a cocktail, savor a snack, and let the radiant sun and vibrant atmosphere enhance your poolside experience to new heights of enjoyment.

Atrium Prestige_Pool Bar_3
H₂O Pool Bar

Welcome to our poolside haven, where relaxation meets indulgence. As you recline by the tranquil waters, our pool bar beckons with a tempting selection of meticulously crafted drinks and delectable snacks. Sip on expertly mixed cocktails, savor fine wines, or choose from an array of refreshing beverages, all while soaking in the sun’s warmth and the soothing sounds of the pool. Our thoughtfully curated menu of snacks and light bites complements your choice of libation perfectly, making your poolside experience a symphony of taste and relaxation.

Atrium Palace_main bar
Il Cavaliere Main Bar

Step back in time to the medieval era and experience the charm of The Il Cavaliere Main Bar, where our commitment to impeccable service extends throughout the entire day. Within the confines of this rustic yet elegant establishment, you’ll find an extensive array of beverages, coffees and cocktails. As the sun begins its descent, the enchantment of this piano bar truly comes to life. Each evening, our carefully orchestrated entertainment program takes center stage, captivating our cherished guests with a captivating repertoire of performances.

the crystal clear beach
Kalathos Beach Bar

Nestled along the shore of Kalathos Bay, our beach bar is a unique oasis where the soothing sounds of pebbles meeting the sea provide a tranquil backdrop to your seaside escape. With your toes nestled amidst the smooth pebbles and a refreshing drink in hand, savor the distinctive charm of our beachfront bar. Whether you’re basking in the sun or strolling along the shoreline, our beach bar offers a one-of-a-kind coastal experience that’s both serene and picturesque.

Atrium Prestige_Main Bar_3
Kalithea Main Bar

Pull up to the stunning Kallithea Bar for pre-dinner cocktails and late night spirits. Dance the night away with a live band to keep the rhythm going. Get lost in the glittering crystal lights of the pools under the moonlight. With a 180 panoramic view of the resort, our rooftop oasis is the perfect place to relax and connect.


Atrium Platinum_Rotonda pool bar_1
Rotonda Pool Bar

Nestled at the sparkling azure pool of Atrium Platinum lifestyle resort, Rotonda pool bar is a haven of relaxation and indulgence. With the sun warming your skin and a refreshing drink in hand, you’ll discover the true essence of paradise. Our expert bartenders craft a tantalizing array of cocktails, from classic favorites to signature creations, ensuring there’s a libation to suit every mood. Whether you’re lounging by the water’s edge, taking a refreshing dip, or simply savoring the company of friends and family, our pool bar is the perfect retreat to unwind and savor the moments of tranquility that define your getaway.

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